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Legendary: The Pool – Charleston, SC

If you have ever skated in Charleston, SC then you might have heard about The Pool. For those that had the opportunity to skate it and live it, check out the video in progress and reflect on days gone by.  If you missed the chance to skate it, go ahead and live vicariously through the video. Artist and Skateboarder, Kevin Earl Taylor, is compiling video, photos and interviews in an effort to create a more complete documentary about this beloved skate spot from downtown Charleston.  If you have something to add to the video please contact Kevin through or

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Come Skate in the Parade with Us!

December 5, 2008; Five Points – Columbia, SC

We are going to be skating in the parade! At 6pm the Festivus Parade in Five Points will begin. Wear your POUR IT NOW T-shirts and bring posters and banners in support of the skatepark. Skate with us or just watch in the crowd. Don’t miss out on all the fun. Come show your support!

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Wired Magazine Article Features Oslo Skatepark

I found this article particularly interesting and wanted to share with fellow skaters and skatepark advocates. This is a very interesting new way to build skateparks – as a natural part of the urban environment. It seems that the architects for this opera house in Oslo have embraced the skateboarding culture in order not only to foster healthy physical activity but also to enhance the environment surrounding the opera house. They have seized the opportunity to channel the inspiration and energy of skateboarding youth in a positive way that amplifies the overall experience of the opera house.

“For years, architects have gone to great lengths to protect their buildings from marauding skaters. But as aesthetic trends move toward folded planes that transition seamlessly from wall to ceiling and back to wall, designers have been looking to their former adversaries for a lesson in flow,” says Wired writer Andrew Blum.

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