ABC News 4: Proposal sets new rules for skateboarders by Stefanie Bainum

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — Downtown Charleston skateboarders could soon be taking a u-turn. That is if a new proposal by City of Charleston councilman Mike Seekings is passed.

According to Seekings, there is no legal way for skateboarders to travel across the downtown peninsula without going through current skateboarding restricted zones. His proposal would enforce restricted skateboarding zones and create new set routes for skateboarders to legally get around town.

“What we are trying to do, and what we will do, and this is the objective, is to first define the commercial zones where skateboarding is not to be allowed,” Seekings said.

“From there, find boulevards and corridors through the city for alternate modes of transportation bikes, skateboards and alike with guidelines that everyone is on the same page on.”

As of now, not all skateboarders are on board with the proposal.

“Charleston has a lot of skateboard commuters because of the compact size of the peninsula. Because of the College of Charleston, a lot of those kids get around on skateboards every day,” said skateboarding advocate and executive director of Pour It Now, Ryan Cockrell.

“I think there are so many important things than skateboarding for our police to focus on, like DUI’s, murders, real crime. I think it will be a waste of tax payer dollars to have them go after skateboarders.”

Councilman Seekings said he wants to make the point that he is not trying to ban skateboarding, but that there are no guidelines regulating skateboarding unlike other modes of transportation, such as bicycling.

“There is no rhyme or reason for the matter that people use skateboards in the streets of Charleston; for instance, riding at night without lights, going down one-way streets, not stopping at stop signs,” Seekings said.

“I want people to get out of their cars and onto the streets, but when we do that we have to make sure people do that probably safely and in the right way.”

A public hearing for the skateboarding proposal is expected to take place mid-summer.




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