Charleston PIN News !

The Charleston chapter of Pour It Now has some news to share.

We’ve begun a collaborative design phase with Byer’s Design Group, A well established
architectural firm in Charleston, for the purpose of creating the layout and design of not
just the proposed skate park itself but also the amenities structural and technical aspects
of the area in and outside of the park proper. Meaning, drainage, parking, lighting and many
other aspects that all have to be covered to present to local review boards the city of Charleston
the SCDOT and of course the people (you) themselves.

We’re also in the negotiation stages with the city on many other aspects of the project. Including
finances, final securement of a location, timelines for fundrasing, project start to finish time
and more.

In the near future we’ll be setting our sights again on fundraising and increasing public awareness
for Pour It Now and the Charleston Skate park initiative !

Spread the word, tell folks how to find us here on the web and stay tuned for more and more
rapidly updated news here on the site.

Keep Skating,

Pour It Now !



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