City of Columbia to Break Ground on South Carolina’s First Custom Concrete Skateboard Park

Monday August 31, 2009 at 4:30pm the City of Columbia will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the much anticipated skateboard park at Owens Field (1351 Jim Hamilton Blvd). Thirty year veteran skateboard park designer, Wally Hollyday has worked with the skateboarders of SC to create a design that everyone is anxious to see realized.

Designs for the first custom concrete skateboard park in South Carolina.

Three years of work from countless volunteers and a huge commitment from the City assisted POUR IT NOW in securing the $25,000 Tony Hawk Foundation grant for this skateboard park. The project was championed by former City Council woman, Anne Sinclaire and backed by Mayor Bob and the rest of City Council. The City of Columbia fully embraced the concept of encouraging and harnessing the high level of energy skateboarders possess.

The skatepark will provide a safe haven for kids like Jack Winburn to recreate away from traffic.

This park will provide a safe haven for Columbia’s youth, enabling them to participate in healthy physical activity in a public place away from traffic.




  1. norman stewart says:

    My kids skateboard and wondering if this is the kind of event that I could bring them to. Who will be there? How many are you expecting? How long will it take to complete the skatepark?


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