DIPT NYC Covers Charleston Skatepark $2M Allocation

NEW DIPT NYC ® NEWS: We have received word that $2 million has been set aside for a downtown Charleston skate park

We have word from our down South counterparts that the Charleston County Parks and Recreation has approved $2 million to create a skatepark at the foot of the Cooper River Bridge, near Meeting and Huger St. This has been an ongoing on/off conversation for some time now but it appears the plans are more concrete (no pun intended) at this point.

The park is set to consist of bowls, decks, ramps & more and is anticipated to to cover nearly 40,000 square feet in size with features also available to non-skaters. No word is official on the “other” features except for a climbing wall. The City of Charleston, Department of Transportation as well as the Park and Rec division will be collaborating on the effort and word is the public will have a part in the design process to some extent with work beginning this summer on the project. This is great to see in the area as there are many individuals who have been yearning for a spot like this to support the ever growing movement of skateboarding in the area & I am sure the crew over at Continuum will notice some pickup in business.

Source: The Digitel



  1. Josh says:

    Do we know if this park will allow BMX riding? It is well known in most major cities parks are shared with BMXrs and Skateboarders. Freestyle BMX has taken off around most of the country and the scene in Charleston is getting to be pretty large with no where at all to ride.

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