Rosewood Crawfish Festival 2008

It’s called the claw for good reason. If you do not respect the claw you get pinched. The 12’7″ vertical skateboard ramp extending up the side of a 20′ building was the center of attention at the 2008 Rosewood Crawfish Festival. More than 100 spectators cheered as Bluetile Skateboards team riders jousted to claim the highest wall ride on the ramp built by Flatbottom Skateboards and East Lake Church.

The window ledge was a notable feature of the Claw. Set into the ramp on the left side was a 9’3″ tall window ledge about 3′ wide by 2′ tall. Nick Thompson led the charge to conquer the window with a rock to fakie, and nollie disaster. He was soon followed by Aaron Green and Wes Cobb with frontside and backside nose-picks, respectively. Will Mayfield claimed the highest ride of the day with his front wheels clearing the top of the ramp and touching brick. The sickness was nearly unbearable. But the crowd seemed most impressed with the uncanny and nearly unbelievable skateboarding abilities of five year old, Jack Winburn.

Sporting a youth small POUR IT NOW T-shirt Jack carefully climbed the ladder to the roll-in. The crowd held their breath as the tiny skateboarder surveyed the ramp. He set his board on the ramp and carefully held it in place with his foot while clutching the top of the ladder. The moment could not have been scripted better by a Hollywood writer. As he released his grip and glided down the roll in the crowd sucked in their hesitation all at once nearly creating a vortex that would have disrupted the space time continuum, no doubt, had jack not effortlessly flown up the wall and come back down with the biggest smile a child has ever had on their face. The crowd released their breath all at once in an explosion of cheers and applause. Jack had won them over from their hearts to their pocketbooks. One spectator said, as he put a bill in the donation jar, “watching that kid just inspired me to give.” That’s exactly what everyone did.

POUR IT NOW sold nearly $2000 worth of sk820, but more importantly we delighted the Rosewood Community. Columbia City Council Member, Anne Sinclair and The Parks and Recreation Commission’s Parks Planner, Damon McDuffie were on hand to show Wally Hollyday’s designs for the proposed skatepark and answer any of the community’s questions. City Council Member elect, Belinda Gergel was also spotted in the crowd enjoying the high flying, light hearted antics of the skateboarders. This event put us one step closer to getting our skatepark.




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