Tony Hawk Foundation Supports First Concrete Skatepark In South Carolina

From the Tony Hawk Foundation Website:

12/16/08 (Vista, CA) — The Tony Hawk Foundation Board of Directors met in December to select the recipients of its Fall 2008 Skatepark Grants. Among the 27 communities to receive a grant is Columbia, South Carolina, whose proposed 16,000-square-foot Owens Field Skatepark project will be the first custom-concrete skatepark in South Carolina, and also the first skatepark project in the state to qualify for a Tony Hawk Foundation grant.



  1. john crutchfield jr says:

    thank you tony hawk!

  2. elnorris says:

    that park looks phat and i caN’T say how stoke i am to skate it thanks for pick columbia to build your park

  3. the legend says:

    i have seen home made parks come and go in columbia all my life. some remember the SLAB. that was the greatest place of my child hood and it was just gone one day burnt to the ground. this will be a monumental moment especialy for us columbia skate vets. mad kudos to the birdman

  4. Matt says:

    So whats up is the park done yet? Cant find any info about it.

  5. Ryan says:

    almost done – like a month to go or less

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