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Jason Filipow

Part sport, part lifestyle, part art, Skateboarding fosters much more than athletic ability. In South Carolina alone skateboarding has produced School Teachers, Business Owners, Photographers, Film and Video Producers and Editors, Graphic Designers, and Fine Artists. Skateboarders pay close attention to form, style, and the overall aesthetic as they try tirelessly to perfect their abilities. Skateboarding is a goal-oriented activity, rewarding only those willing to put in hours of work. The feeling of landing a trick after thousands of tries is one of pure elation, though most skateboarders never let it show. The connection one forms with a skateboard becomes near inseparable for many, becoming a center through which the rest of one’s life flows.

Sculpture by Haroshi using old skateboards.

Charleston bred, internationally acclaimed artist, Kevin Earl Taylor attributes his roots in art as well as his artistic inspiration to skateboarding. Taylor writes, “our creative life was nurtured through skateboarding. Little did we know, but the act of improvising hours of fun from society’s detritus would train our minds to explore the potentiality of our surroundings. Skateboarding was a self-expressive mode, in which we developed individualities and preferences. Through it and the surrounding atmosphere of counter culture, we learned the mechanics of introspection. It was something we did together, but by ourselves. We all had our distinctive styles then, just as we do now. I remember building a ramp using found scraps of wood. For a couple of hours, we’d scoured the ground at the junkyard on Sullivan’s Island, each of us collecting an artillery of rusty, bent and nearly broken nails. With half of a broken brick, we took those and hammered them back into shape. We had learned how to design, conceptualize and construct what we saw in our heads. In 1987, we called them ramps, but now we know, they were indeed our earliest original works.”

Skate and Create 2012 will raise funds to purchase Skate Pass – skateboard PE curriculum and equipment for The Charleston Charter School for Math & Science. This will be the first school in South Carolina to teach skateboarding in PE. Skateboarding distance from the Meeting Street location of the future Charleston County Skateboard park, the Charleston Charter School for Math and Science will have a perfect facility for advanced students to put their lessons to use.

POUR IT NOW, a 501c3 non-profit skateboard advocacy group, is partnering with local and international artists, auctioning donated works of art created using skateboards as media to meet their fundraising goal of five thousand dollars. The funds will be used to pay for the Skate Pass curriculum and equipment, which includes skateboards, pads and helmets for classes of up to thirty students.

The art opening and auction will take place at the end of March, artists of all types are encouraged to participate by picking up a skateboard free of charge from a selection at Continuum Skateshop on Spring street and creating a work of art for the auction. Download the form and fill it out before turning in your artwork at Continuum skateboard shop. All donated art items are due by March 1, 2012. The show date, time and location will be announced on pouritnow.com, Facebook and Twitter.




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